fathers’ day

22 Jun

Yesterday was Nathan’s first Fathers’ Day. It didn’t go exactly according to plan, but that aligns pretty well with what it means to be a parent.

We went to the Mariners game, which seemed endlessly intriguing to George. He got overwhelmed a few times, but was really into the million different television-like screens that surrounded us, and the fact that mama and papa couldn’t keep him from looking at them.

Before we left, I took great pleasure in exposing myself to an emptying stadium.

I heard and read a lot of negative energy and rhetoric being bandied about right before and on Fathers’ Day. I completely understand people’s distate for Hallmark holidays, but for those who forego celebrating them in favor of complaining: I really hope you do an amazing job of expressing your gratitude and love EVERY SINGLE other day of the year. I, for one, regrettably do not, and so Nathan, I hope this rainy, rushing Fathers’ Day made you feel even one iota of the love and gratitude we have for you. We’re a couple of lucky ducks. Chickens. Turduckens.


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