27 Jun

If I’ve ever driven you anywhere, you may have noticed that the music I listen to never changes. If I’ve driven you anywhere regularly, this may have annoyed you — sorry. The thing is, I just don’t want to put the effort into looking for new music to like when I have a pretty vast catalog of things I already like. This is the same logic I use when people tell me something is an “acquired taste.” Beer, for example. I ALREADY like a lot of beverages, okay? Easy ones to like, such as water. And vodka.
When George was in utero, we went to see Yo La Tengo. My love for this band is steadfast and deep. In fact, George was almost named after Ira Kaplan, but was then named George. As in Georgia Hubley? You decide.
Whether or not music is actually recognizable to fetuses, I don’t know (if someone can tell me definitively, please do), but Sugarcube is one of “my” songs. It goes on every mix I make for myself, for every roadtrip ever traveled, every exercise playlist, every everything. So George heard it as I drove to work each morning, after his ears started working. And darned if that baby didn’t start kicking and punching me as the real, live Yo La Tengo played in front of us, as I sat on a stool in a cavernous bar and hoped my ankles weren’t swelling.
It wasn’t until after he was born and we drove somewhere, the same cd in the car stereo, that I decided this was no longer one of my songs, but one of our songs. I sing along, to him, in the car: a mantra for (my) good parenting:
try to be more assured
try to be more right there
try to be less uptight
try to be more aware
whatever you want from me
is what i want to do for you.
you’re sweeter than a drop of blood on a sugarcube.


One Response to “sugarcube”

  1. tara July 3, 2010 at 1:21 am #

    this picture makes me so so so so so happy.

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