seven months

14 Jul

Dear George,
Seven months ago, the snow was just melting from the first Winter storm of the year. You didn’t fit into any of your clothes. We ate Boomer’s veggie burgers and waffle fries for lunch. We had hamburgers today; your papa was craving them. Maybe his stomach was feeling nostalgic.

You were confused for so long about being a baby. Why were your best friends trying to make you sleep alone? And anyway, why should you sleep when other people are hanging out and having fun? You seemed so frustrated by your inability to communicate with us. But now?

You ba, ga, google, boobs, dadada thhhhhh. You think everything is funny.
Happy seven months, chicken. You’re my very favorite.



2 Responses to “seven months”

  1. Jess July 17, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    Great nappy! Is that a bumGenius? I’ve been trying so very hard to use Bambooty nappies but they keep leaking. I’m about to give up!

  2. veryveryfine July 17, 2010 at 7:28 pm #

    it’s a bumgenius, yes! we LOVE them and only have leaks when we go too long between changes, like an especially long night’s sleep. we tried out some with snaps (i wasn’t familiar with bambooty, but looked them up and it seems they have snaps?) and had a terrible time with fit. one day they worked great, he gained half a pound and they no longer fit right. velcro seems a lot more forgiving if you don’t mind picking hair and string out of the tabs occasionally. we’ve also recently started using prefolds with thirsties covers and I really like that arrangement as well. a little cheaper, cute colors and the covers can air out between pees. do you have friends who’d lend you something different to try out? don’t give up on cloth altogether!

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